believe me by eddie izzard

“A memoir of love, death and jazz chickens” was such a delightful book to read1, and it came at the right time too.

reading about her story of making the complicated unconventional career for herself, getting to grips with being transgender, being ‘out’ for so long gave me fresh hope and reassurance.

the book tone is self-aware of the amount of fortune and privilege author had due to the all life circumstances (gestures vaguely), and at times it felt like Eddie is trying too hard to convince the reader that the career was earned in sweat and tears. but that’s the only negative observation i have.

another detail that stood out is the acknowledgement of the second writer – Laura Zigman. it’s nice to see a celebrity writer adequately credit the help they get.

to summarise, this is a four out of five star book, and i recommend it, if you have seen at least some of Eddie Izzard’s sketches2 and liked it.

  1. even if the editor does not like oxford comma ↩︎
  2. this is my favourite ↩︎