the story of a new name by elena ferrante

this is the second book of the famous “neapolitan novels” by equally famous elena ferrante. i’ve the first one (“my brilliant friend”) back in december 2020, and now got to “the story of a new name”.


first of all, i see why everyone and their pibling were enchanted by these books. a fresh view on friendship, class, and social mobility. all through quite captivating plot of two women stumbling through their lives. “the story of a new name” covers ages of approximately 15-18 of the main characters – lina and lena. short yet very intense period of time, full of drama.

one of the conflicts thoroughly studied is Lena’s struggle to reconcile her working class family and neighbourhood with the aspirations of higher education and desire to get away from the fate that got hold of her friend. we don’t really know whether she truly succeeded or not (read the next book to find out, right?), but seeing the educated ones, intelligentsia, if you allow me the term, through her and lina’s eyes was enlightening.

if that was the only plot conflict, i would be already on my way to get books three and four. but the drama was everywhere, beginning and ending in the families that all were to0 interconnected. and that’s a bit much for me, i don’t derive any joy from reading about it at such lengths.

to summarise, i didn’t like this book, but it was useful to read. i guess, i will never know what happened after Elena Greco got her first book published.