the unwanted undead adventurer by yu okano

“the unwanted undead adventurer” was a recommendation from a friend. a definite step out of my usual habits, but that was the whole point.

in essence, this is a novelised dungeon rpg, down to details like self-updating maps, respawning monsters, and teleports at the end of caves. as someone who has platinum trophy in diablo III (sony ps4 version), i sure appreciated the setting. the only difference from rpgs i played was in the objective. the protagonist got turned into a skeleton, and now is on the path of transforming back into a human, or at least something closely resembling it.

unfortunately, it was only the first book in a long and winding journey back to humanity, and while i enjoyed the book as a nice break from the gloomy stuff on my shelves, not to the extent of picking up next volume.