noise damage by james kennedy

the way i found this book is more interesting than the opinion i have about it.

i was on my way to paris in march 2022, waiting for boarding in the budapest airport. when i found a free seat, there was a book on the chair next to me, with the a piece of paper sticking out that said “take me. read me. pass me on!” how could i resist such call to action? (didn’t read it during the holiday – i was too busy enjoying france, and wrapped in tokyo ghoul drama in the downtime)

i tried the book later (in april, when firmly back to budapest). it’s a recount of the author’s failed musical career. i see why people rate it so high on goodreads: the narrator has sense of humour, distinct style, and, unsurprisingly, nearly perfect pacing.

unfortunately, as the subject itself doesn’t interest me, i haven’t finished it. i pass this book on hoping that next reader will enjoy it.