gayme changer by jens schadendorf

this is the second time when i read the book because i have met its author. (first one is “a is for angelica“)

jens and i ran across each other at the university where we both doing masters degree; as every published author should do, he mentioned that he just had a book published. my dear readers (all ten of you) can easily guess that conversation flowed effortlessly from there.

“gayme changer” stands out thanks to being a business book about successfull lgbtq+ people. no othering, no sob stories, no doom and gloom. it was refreshing, honestly.

when setting that aside, the book itself is aimed at a specific audience looking for business strategy related literature, but not written in the impenetrable style of michael porter & co. if you are such reader, you already know it. then, i wholeheartedly recommend you to read “gayme changer”. if you are not, then you can still be happy on behalf of lgbtq+ people in corporate world 8)