light from uncommon stars by ryka aoki

this was a recommendation from a book club friend, and upon finishing the book i had the joy of telling her that i liked the book a lot.

it’s a story of a girl running away from a horrible home situation and trying to build a new life from scratch. at first i was almost bracing myself for a tragedy, to the extent that i asked my friend whether the book has happy ending. it does.

apart from the story itself, one of my favourite things in ths book is how casually sci-fi and supernatural elements are treated. it’s a wild mixture yet no one bats an eye, and people just roll with the existence of space travels and soul deals with demons.

also, i like how the cover image makes sense only after you read the novel.

i would recommend this book to anyone who likes sci-fi, isn’t transphobic, and wants to restore a little bit of faith in kindness of strangers.