the long way to a small angry planet by becky chambers

the novel is part of “wayfairer” series, but what i love about this series is that they all stand on their own, and even can be read out of order. in this one you get to live through an adventure with the crew of one space ship. at first i got strong “firefly” tv show mood, but the similarity ended with the setting. the plot and character development was deeply unique.

if you liked “..angry planet”, it goes without saying that you would like the rest of the cycle. beyond chambers, i’d say you could check out robert sheckley’s short stories – good old classics, that mostly aged well.

i have been planning to read “the long way to a small angry planet” after reading “the close and common orbit”, but it was quite down on my to-read list until someone whose opinion i value a lot recommended it to me as a book that brings good mood. (spoiler: this was a good advice).

p.s. if i could change one thing about becky chambers books, it would the titles. they are so difficult to remember.